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What exactly is Advance Legal Jobs?

Advance legal Jobs is a modern career website designed exclusively for attorneys, law students, paralegals and legal staff. Our goal is to provide our members with the greatest number of active legal jobs possible in a single location, and provide the means to apply directly to each and every position on our site.


Why should I pay to subscribe to Advance Legal Jobs when traditional job boards are free?

Advance Legal Jobs’ research team spends countless hours researching positions, working with legal employers and using sophisticated technology to obtain information about thousands of legal positions from every type of legal employer, including law firms, corporations, government agencies, non-profits and academia. Moreover, unlike traditional job boards that charge employers hundreds of dollars for a single listing, employers can post their legal jobs with us for free.


What about job boards like or SimplyHired that don’t charge the employer to list with them?

It is true that employers don’t pay to list with job aggregators like Indeed or SimplyHired. However, those sites “scrape” jobs from the paying sites like Monster and Careerbuilder and repost them in one centralized place. Thus, although somewhat more convenient than other job boards, you are still missing out on thousands of legal positions.


I’m a law student. Can Advance Legal Jobs help me with my job search?

Certainly. Advance Legal lists positions for new attorneys, has links to information about summer associate programs at hundreds of law firms and includes legal internships, law clerk positions and law student clerkship positions in our extensive jobs database.


Does Advance Legal Jobs have partnership opportunities in its database?

Yes. Advance Legal Jobs is a very valuable resource for partners considering moving their practice to another firm.


Why should I subscribe to Advance Legal Jobs when I can work with a search firm for free?

First, you can certainly do both. But the standard search firm agreement requires employers to pay 25% or more of the base starting salary of the attorney to the legal search firm. Do you think that employers might take that $30,000, $40,000 or $50,000 fee into consideration when making a hiring decision, particularly in the current economy? Why put that price tag on your application when you don’t have to.

In addition, there are hundreds of law firms out there that don’t work with legal recruiters or only work with them to fill a few select positions. And we’re not just talking about small or mid-sized law firms. Some of the largest law firms in the world have numerous positions for which they won’t accept resumes from a legal recruiting firm. Advance Legal Jobs has hundreds of these positions in its database.


Impressive number of jobs, easy application process and generally a very user-friendly experience. Definitely worth $9.95 a month...!
Matt M. - Hartford, CT

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